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Blueberry Lake 2013Mad River Riders Mountain Bike
Summer 2013 Update 

Blueberry Lake
We held a grand opening celebration on Memorial Day weekend. The first trails are built, but there is still much more that we plan to do to make this a prime riding area.

To complete the next phase of this project we still need to raise $50,000 in matching funds. This fund raising and the volunteer days will be the most important ones we have ever held.

If you haven’t written a check, donated online or plan to contribute time, please help now!

The relationship between the Mad River Riders, VMBA and the USFS is groundbreaking and significant for mountain biking on public lands. This can not be emphasized enough. The Riders are again helping lead access efforts that have the potential to grow biking state and region wide.

This network will be a tremendous boon for the community. The benefits include more summer (and winter) visitors, better local recreation opportunities for families and less experienced riders. Expert riders will appreciate the flow and fun of the trails too.

Trail WorkTrail Updates

Sugar Run – Catamount
The new bridge is done, along with some rock and drainage work on the approaches. Many thanks to Catamount Trail staff and volunteers for providing the materials and helping build the bridge. Thanks also to the Harwood Pre-Technical Outreach class for hauling lumber and doing rock work.

We have a reroute started on the initial climb, to replace the steep initial pitch off the German Flats entrance. This is a persistent problem area for drainage and maintenance, and a painful way to start a trail ride. There is three weeks of VYCC dedicated to this project, and two more weeks next summer, but we can improve it more this summer too. Stay tuned for work days.

Mill Brook
The Mad River Path Association and landowners, the Hoopes, joined forces to upgrade several problem areas on the trail between Tucker Hill Rd and Marble Hill Rd. The bridge work is quite impressive, although this remains a difficult stretch of trail. Please join the Path too,

Phen Basin
The two weeks of VYCC crew time scheduled for drainage work on Chain Gang has been completed. This should get us through until next year’s planned reroutes and possible expansion on the Lathrop parcel, hopefully yielding a better connected network in Fayston.

Many thanks to several crews who did great rock and drainage work on the beginning and middle sections of the ‘Clone. It is riding better than ever, expect continued refinements throughout the season.

We have preliminary approval from landowners for a connection from the bottom of the Cyclone to American Flatbread. Final route planning and vetting is underway, and as soon as we can start building, we will let everyone know. Sweet!

Old Center Fayston
When the house sites in the lower section starting going in, many of us were unhappy over the loss of this Valley gem. Instead of crying in a pint of Lawson’s at the Smokehouse, we approached adjoining landowners to reroute the affected sections. We got a trail cleared last fall and have significantly upgraded it with berms, benching and solid drainage. This work will continue throughout the summer and fall.

We also got permission to reroute the steep lower section, as it drops from the ridge above the ravine. This reroute is a big step towards finalizing a sustainable route that is fun to both climb and descend.  Work has already started on this piece, thanks to John Cole and Walt S.

Please be aware that horses are allowed on Old Center Fayston Rd only. This is per the landowners’ agreements. If you see horses anywhere on the singletrack or doubletrack trail sections off Old Center Fayston Rd, please politely direct them to the correct route.

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